Early on 1904 WBro Dr Watson, the Treasurer, mentioned to the Worshipful Master Tom Casserly that he had W Bro A. May (a Paste Master and a chief designer at Hardy Bros. Jewellers) design and draw up two pillars. The WM seemed delighted and invited DR Watson to submit a motion to the Lodge to purchase them.

To Dr Watson’s surprise the motion received approval. The WM and Dr Watson went to Wunderlich and placed the order at a cost of fifty pounds. W Bro Head, an employee of Wunderlich and a member of Lodge Sydney Tarbolton, duly placed the completed brass pillars in position. In September 1904 it was decreed that these pillars must never pass out of the possession of Lodge Kilwinning Orient. These pillars stood in the Punchbowl Masonic Temple where the lodge met.

In 1980 a series of meetings was held by the entire shareholder Lodges in Newtown Temple, and a decision to sell the temple was made. This affected the future of all those lodges meeting there, including Lodges Sydenham and Kilwinning Orient.

To survive Lodge Sydenham and Lodge Kilwinning Orient decided on amalgamation. This action took place at the Newtown Temple in February 1981. The Lodge then became known as Lodge Sydenham Kilwinning No. 14 with W Bro Reg Sambrook as WM.

A decision was then make to make Punchbowl Masonic Temple its new home, in which it invested $11.300 in shares and brought with it most of the Lodge furniture, including the two brass pillars.

At the close of the Punchbowl Masonic Centre, it was decided that the historic pillars should become part of the furniture of the Museum of Freemasonry. The last surviving member of Lodge Sydenham Kilwinning recommended this decision and gift.