Federationist, Prime Minister and judge was born in Sydney the son of an accountant/stockbroker. He was educated at Fort Street High School. In 1872 he was admitted to the bar. He successfully stood for the University of Sydney seat in the NSW Legislative Assembly in 1879.

For more than ten years he campaigned for federation. At the 1897 Convention poll he was elected first of the ten NSW delegates. After the first election the Governor General asked Sir William Lyne to form a government – he was unsuccessful and so Barton was then asked – and he was successful and became Australia's first Prime Minister.

PM Barton In 1903 he resigned from Parliament and was appointed to the High Court where he gained a reputation as a good and impartial judge. He is buried in South Head Cemetery .

Initiated: Australian Lodge of Harmony No. 556 English Constitution in Sydney on 13 March 1878. Became Senior Deacon of the Lodge on 9 June 1880