This tapestry, commissioned by the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales was financed by the generous donations of the brethren of the jurisdiction.

Mona Hessing interprets the theme portrayed in the following words:

“I see the path as man’s search for self-realisation. In the travelling of this path the individual is confronted with myriad choices of direction. At times the path is clear and direct—at other times complex and diverse. New vistas of experience open up at every turn as the search continues. The path is infinite, reaching ever upwards to the higher levels of conscientiousness.”


The tapestry has an overall height of more than 7 metres and a total width of approximately 4 metres, It is intended to serve both acoustic as well as decorative purposes. The material consists of high quality hand spun wool, hand spun silk and some unspun wool. Raw jute and sisal were added to provide strength and stability to the surfaces together with fibres, which possess strong light reflecting properties.


The tapestry is currently valued at in excess of $50,000


Mona Hessing died on 21 April 2001