Throssell was born at Northam, Western Australia, on 27 October 1884. He was the son of the Hon. George Throssell, C.M.G., Premier of Western Australia.

Hugo was educated at Prince Alfred College, Adelaide where he became a good athlete and enjoyed football and boxing.

He married Katherine Pritchard, a well‑known Australian novelist and they began farming at Careering, some 190 km north‑east of Perth.

He enlisted in the First A.I.F. on 29 September 1914 as a Private but his six years prior service in the citizen forces earned him rapid promotion to Sergeant and his commission as Second‑Lieutenant in the 10th Light Horse Regiment on 3 February 1915.

Throssell served at Gallipoli against Turkish forces at the Nek and charged forward with the fourth wave of troops who had seen three other waves cut to pieces. He came through the fighting unscathed.

In late August he was involved in the fighting for Hill 60. On 29 August, Throssell's regiment was ordered into the attack.

Again, on 30 August, intense fighting took place and despite appalling losses and terrible wounds, Throssell refused to leave his post until his remaining men were safe.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery and devotion to duty. It was the last Anzac award at Gallipoli.

He was hospitalised in England where he contracted cerebral‑spinal meningitis.

In April 1916 he was invalided to Australia where he worked for the recruiting campaign.

He had been promoted to Lieutenant and in 1917 he returned to Egypt with Light Horse reinforcements in time to join in the battle of Gaza where his brother, Frank, was killed and Throssell was again wounded. He was promoted to Captain and commanded the ceremonial guard at General Allenby’s formal entry into Jerusalem.

In 1918, he returned to Egypt and then to Australia in 1919 after his health had again failed.

He began development of a farming property at Greenmount where he committed suicide at his Lazy Hit Ranch on 19 November 1933.

He was buried in the Karrakatta cemetery, Perth.

Streets in Greenmount and Melbourne honour his name.

Bro. Hugo Throssell was initiated on 15 June 1917 in the Bulwer Lodge No. 1068, English Constitution, at Cairo. He was passed to the Second Degree on 4 August 1917 and raised a Master Mason on 6 October 1917.

He resigned from the lodge on 31 December 1921 and there is no record of him having joined a lodge in Western Australia.


Information supplied from the book " Australian and New Zealand Freemasons and the Victoria Cros" by Grahame Cumminge PDGM UGL of NSW & ACT